Saturday, June 29, 2013

Motorola TK30 Bluetooth Car Kit Installed in 2007 Jaguar XJ8L

I finally completed the TK30 Bluetooth car kit install in the 2007 XJ8L.  I mounted the unit where the ash tray used to go.  The install was easy since I bought that adapter harness.  I also added some Infinity tweeters in in the dash in the factory locations while I was at at.  Sound and functionality is OK.  Nice unit on first look.

After having this in the car over a year I now hate it.  The software is terrible.  "music" disappeared from the menu.  The unit locks up and must be disconnected.  I finally just wired both ignition sense and battery power to ignition so every time the car is shut off the until will restart and clear the lock up.  Called Motorola but they just brand this device and no longer support it.  Tried software updates and device resets several times.  Got various results but problems still exist.

One of the most worthless features is the contacts download.  I really wish I could turn that OFF.  I did reject the request to download on the phones at least.  It would be dangerous to scroll through the contacts with the TK30 while driving.  Stupid!  Voice commands are really the only way to go while driving and the phone does a great job at that.  Unfortunately you can't get to the phone commands without scrolling through menus on this stupid TK30.  Very frustrating.  Dangerous in fact.

I will never use a TK30 again.  Don't buy this device! Tell your friends not to as well.  I have had many Motorola T605 car kits and those work great.  Use that instead.