Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weather Station Now Upgraded

I finally broke down and bought the Arduino based weather station wireless sensor receiver.  You can see the project here: http://www.osengr.org/WxShield/Web/WxShield.html .  This device works with the open source software Weather Station Data Logger.  The new WxShield also has a barometric pressure sensor and temperature and humidity sensors so it replaces the base station for a computer interface.  The cost of the WxShield was $135.  It works with all Oregon Scientific sensors.  I use the old base station as a handy display now.

This http://www.osengr.org/WxShield/Web/WxShieldDetails.html explains more benefits.

You can see my weather data here:  http://jimroal.com/wxdata.htm
It looks the same as before.

Reasons to upgrade to the WxShield:
  1. More reliable.  The Oregon Scientific base will stop broadcasting data over USB periodically.  No pattern really but it happens about once a month.  I had it happen 3 times in a month and other times go 3 months without it happening.  Frustrating though.
  2. Ability to install external antenna.  This is a big deal when your PC you use to upload the log the data is in your basement.  The external antenna really extends the range.  This device lets you run a coax to route the antenna outside.
  3. Improved barometric pressure sensor.  Much higher accuracy.
  4. Improved indoor temperature and humidity.  It can also be remotely located.
  5. Its just nerdier.
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