Saturday, June 22, 2013

Motorola TK30 Bluetooth Car Kit Unboxing

I purchased a Motorola TK30 Cat Kit the other day.  Like the T605, the street prices for these have dropped dramatically.  I bought mine for under $60 new in box (list was $299) from Amazon.

This looks like a sweet unit.  You can read the owners manual here.  I bought this to go in either the XJ8L or the X-Type.  It turns out the X-Type has premium sound so the install there would be very difficult and significantly reduce the audio quality.  My XJ8L however has the standard sound system so I ordered the ISO harness from England to install the system in that car.  Should require no wire modifications.  Just connecting to existing wiring.  I will do a fill writeup when I am done with that install.

Anyway, back to the unboxing.  Here is what the system looks like inside the control module.

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