Sunday, November 30, 2014

Porsche Cayman S Exhaust Outlet Modification

The Porsche Cayman, especially the early ones, have a rather bad design for the exhaust outlet.  The 2 muffler outlets point directly toward each other.  Then they flow into a T as if a plumber built it.
After that, the exhaust goes into a restrictive decorative tip.
Notice the tiny holes for the exhaust to flow out here.

I finally replaced that nasty exhaust T on the Cayman S.  I bought 2, 2.5" ID 90 degree mandrel bends from Summit Racing (part# 670176 ).  Total cost $40. These bends are tight with a 2.5" radius.  Yes, tight is bad but still better than a T. I removed the passengers side muffler assembly for access and cut the muffler outlets down to about 1.5".  I cut the bends to fit snugly on the muffler outlet.  It just so happens cutting the long side of the elbow left just the length I needed for the tailpipes. I was even able to reuse the clamps from the original T.  I also cut the factory stainless tip from the old tailpipe and attached it (sorta) to the 2 tailpipes.  It looks stock from a distance.  I doubt this really made a very big difference but honestly it does seem a bit crisper at high RPM.  Could just be in my head though.  It just looks like it flows better.

For now I removed the inside of the decorative tip and placed it over the 2 pipes.  It looks basically stock until you look closer.  I will likely replace this with 2 stainless exhaust tips later.
Here is where I had to cut the muffler outlets to fit the new pipes.
Here is where I cut the bends.

We did a similar modification on a friends 981 (2013 Boxster).  It looks like similar tubes are also available in stainless steel.  The part number for those is VPE-13040 ( ).  The bend radius is 3.5" instead of 2.5" thouogh.  We did install these in a 2013 Boxster.  It was tight.  We had to cut the tubes so the radius was abut to the weld bead on the muffler outlet.  It did fit though.  The milder bend will flow better.  The 981 had more space between the muffler outlets than the 987.1 did.  I don't think these would work on the 987.1.

Update 7/5/2015:
I purchased some inexpensive stainless steel tips from Advance Auto and modified them to install over the pipes.

These tips were only $15 each.  I had to remove the attaching hardware and cut a slit along them.  Then I used a pipe expander to open them up enough to slide over the pipes.  They are a tight fit but I can still adjust them as needed. I used simple worm clamps to retain them.

We redid the 981 Boxster as well.  He bought the sharper bends I had and the same tips.  His car looks like this now.

The pipes setting below are the stainless ones with the milder bends.