Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mercedes E350 4matic 150k miles

I wrote a review of this car when it hit 100k miles back in December of 2017.  It now has 150k miles and there is not much new to report.  I did upgrade the headlight bulbs to LED.

Here is the things I did to the car in the last 50k miles.

12/27/2017 105k mi drivers seat cover. This is a known issue on these cars. I bought the part and replaced it myself.
1/20/2018 107k mi drivers front tire road hazard warranty replacement
2/25/2018 109109mi blower motor. This had a very minor intermittent squeak. Very simple to replace.
3/13/2018 new windshield
6/17/2019 117,715mi front brake pads. This was the first pair of front pads!
7/8/2018 119,869mi spark plugs.
8/5/2018 121,555mi belt. Although it was still fine. It just seemed like a long time to go on a belt.
11/18/2018 129,401mi Thermostat and PCV cover. Both a simple job.

The car was hit in the back by an inattentive driver in December.

But Banishek and Will fixed it back up again.  Good as new.

This car drives pretty much the same as when we got it.  Runs and drives great, never uses oil, no issues really.

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